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This app does simple versions of a lot of things: music player, slideshow, clock, RSS updates, alarm clock, weather. It does everything pretty well, too, for the number of things it's doing. Not to mention this is the first alarm clock app I've downloaded that actually had working alarms. Overall great job!


I give this 5 stars because it is the best alarm clock for a tablet in the store at this time. I have been experimenting with many, and this one is powerful, has many features like background, multiple alarms, a sound file player, weather, times in different areas, and currency conversions, all which work correctly. It is also fairly easy to use, and stays true to the Windows 8 OS commands.


This is by far the best alarm clock I've seen for windows. It has multiple alarms, you can set it for sleep, use about any image or sound you want.


Amazing alarm app...have been looking for a long time for some working alarm, free of bugs and finally found ALARM CLOCK HD. It works great as advertised and does what it is supposed to do and has additional feature/requirements as well.

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