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This feature list is for Alarm Clock HQ. To view the features of Alarm Clock HD (Windows store app), please visit the Windows store app listing page.

Super Alarms and Schedules

Set daily, one time or recurring alarms. Customize the alarm schedule to suit your exact needs like specific days of week, or every X minutes / hours. Set custom sounds using your own sound file, radio station, music playlist or text-to-speech in 45+ voices.

Popout Clock Widget

Need a small clock widget always visible on your desktop? Use the popout clock and pin it to your desktop. It remains visible on top while you work on other tasks.

popout clock screenshot

Alarm Actions

Need to launch a program or url at alarm time? Or perhaps sent a GET request to an API? We have you covered.

Timer and Stopwatch

Run multiple timers OR a stopwatch. Pin them to your desktop to keep them on top of other windows while you work.

timer and stopwatch screenshot

Super Flexible Settings

Make the app your own with the ability to customize nearly everything in the app.

Weather and Temperature

Get the latest weather condition and temperature for your current location in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

weather screenshot

World Clocks

Get the local time, weather and currency exchange rates for multiple cities in the world.

Built-In and Custom RSS News

Read the latest news from around the world across different categories such as top news, world news, business, technology, sports, entertainment, science and health. Add your own custom RSS feeds.

news feed screenshot

Facebook Feed

View the latest Facebook posts from your timeline directly within the app. Feeds will refresh at the interval you choose in settings.

Music and Radio Player

Create unlimited music and radio playlists with your favorite music tracks or radio stations. Play and control music directly from the clock screen.

music player screenshot

Sleep Mode with Timer

Activate sleep mode to enable distraction free view of the clock and play a sleep music playlist. When you activate sleep mode, the music plays for the sleep timer duration and gently fades away as you fall asleep, without abruptly stopping and disturbing your sleep.

Themes / Photo Albums

Use the built-in themes or create your own using your favorite photos. Select a theme and set the image change duration. The pictures are shown in the clock background and gently change after the specified duration. Set the foreground opacity to 0 to turn the app into a picture album with music playback.

themes screenshot

Multiple Profiles

Using the app on a shared device? Need different alarms for different family members on the same device? Create individual profiles for each person and quickly toggle between different profiles. All settings, alarms, themes etc are specific to a profile.

Analog Clock Faces

Don't like the digital clock face? Switch to one of the beautiful analog clock faces.

analog clock screensot

Boost your productivity.

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